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Awaken and Align
Online Guide to the Chakras
March 11th - April 1st
4 x 2 hour sessions
Benefit from this online course and do it in your own time, or join in to ask questions. Chakras are the energy centres through which the Cosmic energy flows into the human body. The practise of yoga and understanding of of these energy centres can awaken these centres, which are manifest in each and every person. Once aligned nothing can stop you, for living in health, and have the ability to manifest your career, great relationships, wealth and health. Learn how to align the chakras and the world is your oyster.
Spiritual Mentorship Program
Can join at any date
When you apply for the mentorship, you will receive a phone call to discuss the details, and you can ask questions. Are you facing any difficulties in your relationships, career, financial problems, or pains, and fears in the body?
The Spiritual Mentorship Program was created to support seekers on their journey. Join teachers and guides and like minded individuals, the journey begins when you say YES!

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Meditation, Alignment & Focus Online Session $11.95 AUD

PST Time (LA, USA)
7pm - 8pm Wednesday 11th April

1pm -2pm Thursday 12th April
,When learning meditation sometimes we struggle to stay awake and alert which is the purpose of meditation, to be aware of our individual path, but see us as part of a whole. If we research and take note of some of the most successful business people they have a routine, and are focused and like Steve Jobs who was a regular meditator.

Meditation practiced correctly can allow us to be more focused and driven, as our path becomes clearer. We have more integrity with ourselves and other, and take responsibility and accountability in our stride. The biggest way we "fools" ourselves is by thinking that by not having these in our lives is freedom. So do you believe that you are free now? Have you ever felt that your mind is just always taking over and decisions are foggy and unclearr? Join this session now to get a jump start, in the comfort of your own home.

Learn the quick steps to AWAKENING
Online Session $19.95 AUD

PST Time (LA, USA)
7pm - 8pm Wednesday 18th April

1pm -2pm Thursday 19th April

Why do some people move faster, have the ability to get things done faster, have you ever noticed?
You want to do something but your mindset is lacking?

In one session, you can have an advantage, not matter what you would like to apply this to in your life, it will work!

Career progression, better relationships, financial situation, inner peace, letting go of past pain and hurts.

In these easy steps I can show you where you are out of alignment and how to resolve it, so that your thinking is clear and focused.

STOP wondering how to do it, and get a kick start to start living the life you want!

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Connection with yourself, allows oneness
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