Third Eye Spiritual Readings
A spiritual breakthrough is the only way to connect with your higher self, be guided and supported on this journey, a third eye reading will bring awareness to your questions, and healing. Sessions are online, so bookings are available worldwide via skype.
Spiritual Leader and Guide / Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Jacinta is a spiritual leader and guides you into nurturing and nourishing of your soul, she is passionate and embraces all who cross her path. Throughout her travels she has been blessed to live in the French Alps, Canadian Rockies, and Himalayan Mountains, where she studied yoga and meditation in Rishikesh India. Guided by her own intuition meditating and hiking in the mountains she crossed the path of many gurus, teachers and guides. She has been assisting those on the path for over 10 years. Join Jacinta for an uplifting, and soul healing and nourishing time.

Jacinta Nicole
Spiritual Guide / Yoga & Meditation Teacher
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Do you have questions about what is currently unfolding for you? Do you need the clarity to move forward in your decision making? Jacinta can assist you on your journey... You are guided and supported on this be in alignment with source... Book now and start the journey...
Invest in yourself, to move forward on the path..

- "Jacinta, gave me the awareness into the uknown, she really has helped me so much, forever greatful" - Casey, Mebourne, Victoria, Australia
- "This was the best investment i ever made" - Carly, Denver USA

- "Jacinta is kind, knowledgable and got me out of my rabbit hole" - Jen, Dublin, Ireland
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