Spiritual Mentorship Program
Every 6 months, a group of people align to come together with like minded individuals, seeking spiritual guidance, apply to become part of the next program beginning in March 2018
Mentorship Details
Connect & Learn
2 weekly video calls, full of knowledge and information, and techniques for you to practice. Ask questions about your individual journey and connect with like minded individuals on the same path. Be surprised by our monthly guest appearances.

* From time to time calls will be rescheduled due to retreats and treks, no calls will ever go missed.

* If you miss a call, don't worry you can watch it and catch up at your own convenience.
guide to manifesting and developing connection with self, stepping into divine energy.
Do you understand that you are a powerful force, who has the ability to manifest what they want in life, what would be your deepest fulfillments? Most of us want health, happiness and wealth, yet why have we not yet manifested it?

How well do you connect with yourself? Do you feel in conflict? Do you feel like you are on the wrong path?

What is actually my purpose?
establish a clear path
Sometimes we just need to stop and take a step back to see where we are going, we might have to straighten out the kink in the hose, or go on a detour to get where we are going, or slow down to drive over the speed hump. None of these are problems, they are only events allowing us to get to the next stage. When you become so clear about your path, there emerges the authentic self, an inner peace, and internal bliss. This space exists.

When you stop playing the characters, your energy is no longer being used up to keep up that facade, when you become integrated new possibilities unfold.

Mentorship offerings
Payment of $25 USD per week
Inner breakthroughs and relationship breakthroughs
Content delivery in the comfort of your own home
Free entry into competitions
Gift for your participation and commitment
Access to 10% of all tours and retreats throughout 2018
Surprise Guests
Real discussions and real change
Support / Knowledge / Mentorship on your journey
Delete self doubt, inner hate and develop confidence and self love
Simon D'soro
When I signed up, I thought it was going to be like one of those gym memberships that you never use, OMG! I could not get enough of this, I grew so much in this 6 months, I am considering signing up again!
Kathryn Benson
This was just what I needed at the time of my divorce, I was guided here and I listened, I was able to resolve so much pain, and heal so much in this 6 months, it was a real gift to my life be apart of this.
Jen Symons
Thanks Jacinta! You have shown me the way!
to request the application form.
Complete the form and submit
Allow a couple of days to be approved.
Confirmation of application, and payment options emailed to you.
Payment received successfully, Welcome to your journey!
Meet Jacinta Nicole
Spiritual Guide & Yoga and meditation Teacher
"Even when you may decide to give up on you, I will not, I am here each step to guide you, to that I commit"

Hello, thanks for being here,
I am a passionate spiritual guide, with a positive zest for life, throughout my journey I have been blessed and guided to many places and teachers, as part of my journey I was guided to study yoga and meditation in Rishikesh India. I have been facilitating awakening, alignment with truth, and health and wellness for over 10 years. I am here to guide and support you in journey to awaken to your truth, and to step into your divine right. I have been guided to my truth, and it is simply to share my knowledge to awaken and align others with their truth.

email us: jacintanicoles@gmail.com
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