Awaken and Align with your truth
Every Monday over 4 weeks, beginning March 12th — April 2nd / Online Course

18:30–20:30 / AEST

If you have ever felt like you are headed down the wrong path, or a feeling of living in conflict with yourself, this course will assist and support you to realign with your truth, this journey is your divine right, and divine timing is now.
Course Program
You have been guided to begin this journey, step in and immerse yourself into alignment with your truth.
4 weeks - 12th March - 02nd April
2 hour, course sessions 18:30 - 20:30 AEST
1. Week One
* Why awaken
* Identify blockages
* Understanding truth
* Identify your higher purpose
2. Week Two
* Connection with source
* Tools and techniques to align
* Inner space vs outer space
* Resolving blockages

3. Week Three
* Integration
* Establishing the "I" in relation to oneness
* Healing starts with you
* Finding balance
4. Week Four
* Handling practical matters
* Expansion into your truth
* Discovering fulfilment
* Learning to just be
Why now......
You have been called to awaken to your truth, don't allow the fears an blockages to stop you, this will change how you function, remove stress and anxiety, and step into the flow of your truth.
You are bigger than the mind....
Sometimes we run our life based on the perceptions of the mind, the mind does not allow us to live in the now, the learnt behaviours, and patterns stop us, your truth sits under all of this, now is the time to align.
Course Facilitator / Spiritual Guide
Jacinta Nicole
Spiritual Guide/Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Jacinta has been facilitating personal development for 10 years, her courses and workshops are designed for those who are keen on awakening to their truth. She is a master at allowing you the space to become aware of any blockages that you may have that are stopping you from living with inner peace and fulfilment.

The workshop caters to those who are seeking a deeper connection with self, and those who wanting to align with their higher purpose. It could be stress, relationships, career, or illness that is stopping you, or you may just require a general re-alignment.

The workshop is facilitated online to allow you the freedom to learn in your own environment, the course will be both practical and theory and you have the ability to ask questions. The course runs over a 4 week period, if you miss a session it can be viewed online in your own time.

Do not dwell on making a decision to book this course, my mind was a mess when I joined, and I feel so blessed to have been apart of this.
Sydney, Australia
WOW, this has been the best decision I made. I was not sure I needed this when I saw it, but the first day of the course I realised just how much I needed it, I did not even realised how much I was in conflict with myself.
Auckland, New Zealand
Honestly I have no words, Jacinta is a miracle worker, after my divorce I was broken. I was guided back to my truth. Thank you so much!
Melbourne, Victoria
Loved the ability to do this online, as events like this don't happen around me. Learnt more than I imagined.
Horsham, Victoria
Online Course
Awaken and Align
89 AUD
Divine timing has arrived, Its time to step into your truth, and alignment with self.

To be officially registered as a participant, you must pay the enrolment fee of $89. Prior to the course you will receive an email confirmation with the log in details.

A maximum of 40 participants will be accepted

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